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Our story so far.


The Brand

It all started end of  2014 with a look at my friends eyelashes, that she has done back at her home country in Lithuania . She is pretty, blond, and kind, with the combination of perfect skin , hair, and eyelashes.

I just fell in love how her eyes looked, the amazing , dark, sultry shaped eyelashes moving like a black butterfly – and instantly i knew, i have to learn how to do this. Yes, right, my first reaction was not that I HAVE TO HAVE LASHES ON ME , BUT , I HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE LASHEXTENSIONS .

So, being Hungarian, I have the great advantage that in our country there is a lot of small and bigger companies holding good & bad starter courses. And nowadays, some of the most known Lash Artists in the UK are also Hungarian… BUT ….being a newbie and based on an impulsive decision and out of fear of the new step….

….I have started with a € 100 foundational basic eyelash extension course in Budapest, and guess what , as you think, I have learned basically nothing but how to pick up 1 lash from a strip … and was able to apply around 15 individual loose lashes to the model’s eye.

I asked myself, surely there is more to this, and what i have seen on my friend’s eye has not looked like this sparse … and yes, a bit funny, like 15 spider legs ?

Luckily the same friend of mine ( thank you forever Karolinka ! ) allowed me to make a full set of eyelashes on her, in classic 1D , that took a whooping 4,5 hours . WOW . I finally felt proud of myself .

And that’s when i realised , this is a skill that can be improved with practice and better materials, faster glue and more knowledge…

so…. my brand , Permanent Beauty  was “born”. 

After a 2 months of practicing and understanding by myself how to pick up 2D in a Y shape, I went back to complete the 2D course , with the aim to get the certificate only, as the technical knowledge of picking up the lashes, was there .

As a next step early 2015 , my focus was to search for education and videos online, anything lash related, everywhere. Mostly YouTube and Facebook.  And to my surprise, there it was,  a new , interesting Lash Group starting, called LashTribe, led by Julia Mann.

Joining LashTribe 2015 February, has changed everything for me.  I followed all the posts I could, tried to absorb all the new information that seemed to me like only lashmakers know that are in this industry since years.

While in the past 2 years  I attended 2 great, in depth,  in person trainings with the amazing Sofja Smatko & Zsinett Lashes, LashTribe is still my main pillar for support.

The kindness & knowledge of this particular group, and the online training for russian volume that i completed made me become an advocate to their brand and put my vote for the best hand tested russian volume tweezers, lashes and the knowledge we got from the trainings Julia Mann provides, to better all of us lash artists.

I am truly happy and honoured to be able to bring this amazing brand, LashTribe to you ladies & gents , in Europe!

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