Looking your best is so easy with Lash extensions & groomed brows. We offer lashes, nails, facials, and all kind of beauty treatments in our 2 limassol locations.

Best Nails on comparision in Limassol

We care about the speed and quality of the nails, and we know, that not everyone has 2 hours to sit for a full russian manicure with gel polish . Although, the salon we will recommend you, named Beauty Full Time does offer russian hardware manicure additionally too. 

HOWEVER ; What we understood, many ladies prefer a 1 hour short soft gel manicure , that last a good 2- 2,5  weeks. 

Because, who wants to wear outgrown red nails 3-4 weeks long ?


Check out the services they provide :


Beauty Full Time salon 

Soft Gel nails (Shellac , or gel polish nails ) from 20 €

Hard gel nails from 30 €

Nail extensions ( hard or acry gel) from 50 €

Pedicure ( spa, with scrub & feet pampering) from 35 €

Pedicure ( only toes with color gel) 2€


What i dislike on many other nail salons ?

Generally speaking i hate fat, bulky nails and manicure. Its everything but feminine. Also duck nails are a form that i could never agree with. Unfortunately many places in Limassol are owned by nail artists who made 1 nail tech course that is not enough to be able to deliver quick BUT quality nails.

Hence that, they put a ton of gel or acrylic on the natural nails and next time they file too much. Nail appointments get long. I have no time for that. I love smart beauty , thats quick & gives amazing result.

I do like extreme nails also, and Ester ( master nail artist at Beauty Full Time ) is the best person in Limassol to create such a truly eye popping – mouth dropping nail design for you.

Go and test out this salon, and give them a review after , as i did! 




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