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Lash Tribe Pump up the Volume online course


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This Course is for you if:

You are an existing Volume Lash artist

  • You may have attended other courses in the past but weren’t very in depth
  • You want to learn more than 1 pick-up technique
  • You are struggling with your current Volume fanning techniques
  • Your fans are not consistent and you get straight T-bar and crossed bases every now and then.
  • You feel a little stuck in your ways that are NOT working
  • You have issues with the Tweezers and Products you are using
  • You want to get the correct “wrapping technique on a more consistent basis”
  • You would like your sets to last longer
  • You are not getting that fluffy and full look that you see everyone achieve on Instagram

This Training is not for you if:

You Have NEVER done Volume lashes before and you are struggling with isolation.

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